Betting Tips Tennis – by Tipstero INC is an ideal app with instant access to daily free tennis tips with great odds. Tipstero’s Betting Tips Tennis has a friendly interface ant it is very easy to use.
The main features this app provides are:

  • Free daily betting tips
  • Best visual impact (four themes / background colours to chose from)
  • Long term history
  • Predictions with high success rate
  • No registration or personal info required
  • Notification system when new tips are added
  • Free VIP Feature – Coming Soon
The app has two features:
The Main Page includes:

  •  Daily Betting Tips
  • Star Rating System to show our level of trust for every prediction

For our main page predictions we use Star Rating System to show our level of trust:

Main Page – the number of stars assigned to each match on the represents our confidence level for that prediction. According to the trust level (number of stars assigned to a match) you can adjust your stakes for every match you bet on, but you have to be responsible and follow your strategy to develop a long term consistent win rate.

5/5 stars

This are our very best games for that day. You will see over time they will have a high and consistent win rate. This are the games you can bet as singles, doubles, or triple bets.

4/5 stars

This are good and very good games with high win rate that for various reasons didn’t make it to our very best games. You can bet them as singles or doubles.

3/5 stars

This are medium odds predictions. The strategy for this games will be to choose only the predictions you like the most and bet them as singles.

2/5 stars

This are medium to big odds predictions. Only bet them as singles!

1/5 stars

Big odds predictions. Only bet them as singles!!! For this matches you need to have a long term strategy and a proper bankroll.

0/5 stars

Huge odds…. Only bet them as singles!!! For this matches you need to have a long term strategy and a proper bankroll, at least 35-50 bets.

Free VIP Feature with three sections

  • Sure Games
  • Daily Doubles
  • Special Tips

The Free VIP Feature has three sections, described below:

Sure games

This section is dedicated for our safest predictions that day. Generally low odds but with a very high win rate. Ideal to bet them as doubles, trebles or combo tickets with more games. Don’t be greedy, the more games you play on a ticket the higher the risk. We recommend between 2 – 4 matches per ticket, depending on the odds and your personal strategy.

In order to have a higher chance of winning you have to choose the most secure matches. These can ideally be combined with the matches in “Tomorrow’s Games” section and make a two day ticket in order to pick the best games, decrease risk and increase your win rate.

Daily Doubles

Is a bet type that combines two single events on a single ticket. The advantage here is the big final odd you get by multiplying the single events odds. For this type of bet you need to have a long term strategy because the winnings come slowly but surely. You will
not get rich in a few days.

Special Tips

Overs and unders, handicaps, correct scores.